About The Founder

If you’re like me, you’ve had a good mood or two ruined by a pesky zit. It can take days for the redness to fade away naturally, and I used to stare at the mirror wishing for a way to even out my skin-tone and get rid of the annoying red color in the meantime.


After years of research and countless late nights, I created a safe, fast-acting gel for zit relief that zaps away redness and leaves your skin looking healthy and clear. After all, your skin should shine as brightly as you do!

Audrey said it best: happy girls are the prettiest girls. My dream is that women all over the world use FixZit as a tool to feel confident and, in turn, inspire fearlessness in themselves and others.

So whether you’re planning to watch The Bachelor with the girls or meet your crush for a first date, I want you to have peace of mind that redness relief is just five minutes away.

Put your best face forward, and we’ll take on the world together.


xoxo, Jarah

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